Monday, June 14, 2010

Wonders of Bouillon

As a tween, nothing allured me like the dollar store. Who cared that I already had an ample supply of black and brown eyeliners at home? Why not buy a few more? After all, they're just a dollar. Right?! I had a similar experience this weekend. Saddened by my illness-induced loneliness, Mamadukes trekked in from the Island on Sunday, bound for the borough she once called home. We hit up Trader Joes, where I made a killing on designer produce and processed dinners, and CVS, where she all but forced me to purchase a $.59 bottle of bouillon cubes.

Uh, what the heck are bouillon cubes?! Well, I learned tonight, and am instantly attracted to their delicious simplicity. It's like a perfect cup of soup, out of no where! Cool!

The strep is starting to dissipate, thank God, so the infirmary is no more, which means stories about things far more fascinating that bouillon cubes are to follow. Have a great week. I'll be checking in...

And here, for no particular reason, is a little love from BT's b-day bash on Stone Street. She shines in red, and AC dazzles in blue! It's a surprisingly patriotic picture. :-)


Allison said...

glad you're enjoying your time at Grandma's house! (and just f.y.i. bouillon cubes are used in cooking, so of course i would be the one to know what they are probably by age 5...)