Saturday, June 5, 2010

St. Regis

Friends made in my new neighborhood... and beyond!

-M, a woman from Romania who is currently studying Art Therapy at City College. For the time being, she commutes to the St. Regis, where she's a masseuse. I wonder if she makes house calls. We met on the bus.

-G, a 75-year-old (ish?) self-described "flaming heterosexual" who looked ultra fabulous in his pink seersucker pants and Lilly Pulitzer tie at the "Night in Edgartown" event I attended with SA. A happening producer on the Broadway scene (like, real NYC Broadway), he just moved to a townhouse on Bleecker street, where his backyard is equipped with a lovely swing. Backyards in Manhattan are hard to come by, so naturally, SA and I invited ourselves over for a cocktail party with our new millionaire pal. He said we can chat shoes. ;-)

As I'm sure you can tell, life is grand. My job is going extremely well as I learn more and more from my colorful cast of co-workers each day. The first week was filled with lots of meeting-and-greeting, and I hope to get my hands into some interesting projects as the weeks go by. For now, though, I'm enjoying my weekend at home, having just spent the afternoon at an R family gathering. There was a magician. Enough said.

But tonight, it's back to the city for BT's birthday bash. Ta.