Saturday, June 12, 2010

Accumulating Property

Stuck in bed with strep throat was not the way I imagined my weekend, but as every Queens gal must do, I'm making the best of it. After a quick walk to CVS to pick up my heavenly antibiotics, I whisked myself right back to where I started: snuggled under the covers of my big girl bed with nothing to keep me company but a bootleg of Sex and the City 2 and a bottomless glass of orange juice. And I'm fine with that! I enjoy the relaxation that comes from complete and total silence, but that's clearly not to say that I'm well on my way to becoming a recluse. As you learned before, I'm a budding reality TV star (ha) with a social calendar that needs to be busy and bustling for my own personal sanity. However, missing out on yesterday's trip to 675 Bar, this afternoon's birthday bash for my boss's daughter, and this evening's Park Slope housewarming for new neighbor RJ is probably a blessing in disguise: sometimes, we all need to slow down. And after the big move, slowing down -- albeit forced -- is exactly what I needed.

Also, here's a funny story: I washed my amoxicillin down with a fortune cookie from Wednesday night's take out binge with Aunt K, and could not have had a more ironic reading experience. It said, "You tend to accumulate property. Use it well." Could any fortune have been more fitting? I guess you could say I'm almost using it well. To date, I've only broken one set of blinds... ;-)

I hope your weekends are going better than mine!