Saturday, June 19, 2010


Why I woke at 6:30 this morning, just a few hours after I learned that a cab from Midtown Manhattan to the borough of a Mets Mecca is actually pretty cheap, is a big old mystery, but I can't say I'm too perturbed. It's a gorgeous day in NYC that should not be wasted on sleep. As such, I'm going to take my sneakers on a date and pound the pavement for as long as I can... After three weeks of living on my own, commuting to work, and learning to literally fend for myself, it's time to reintroduce exercise into my daily repertoire. I say this now... we'll see how it goes.

In honor of Father's Day weekend, I dedicate this post to most AWESOME man in the world: my Daddy!!!!!!! Isn't he such a stud?! I can't wait to celebrate with him tomorrow. :-)