Tuesday, June 8, 2010


While the NYC bus system is an underrated gem, I’ve found that the alluring express train is highly overrated. Do you agree? This morning, fueled by some Kashi Go Lean Crunch, I experimented with my commute: after making it to the train five whole minutes faster than I normally do (which is seriously a substantial chunk of precious time!), I was comfortably settled on the cozy R train, enjoying a coveted seat and reading my AM New York, when I passed the point at which I normally traverse the platform and cram myself into the E train—with no seat, obviously. But today, I stayed on the R. I stayed in my seat. I remained reading about where to nosh on eggs and bacon and booze while watching the World Cup. And you know what? I made it to work a whole 15 minutes faster, on the dinky little local! Today, celebrating is certainly in store for the new supply of slumber I can add to my nights!