Friday, June 4, 2010

The Princess of Queens

Once upon a time, there lived a little Long Island lady with big city dreams, and a big city attitude to match. Once upon today, that dream came true.

Thank GOD. It's about time my blog got good again.

But before I tell some tales about some of the wonderful characters I've met along my journey thus far (preview: the premiere masseuse at the St. Regis hotel and the producer of two of Broadway's most bustling successes), let's back track a bit, back in time to a simpler time: back to college.

In true Stonehill tradition, all (well, almost all) of 2010's graduating class, plus a few underclassmen who just couldn't bear to see us leave, invaded Cape Cod for a week the locals surely hated. Refer to classics such as Animal House and Can't Hardly Wait for an idea of what the week was like. And if Cape Week really were a movie, our house was the one that was featured on screen the whole time. With a backyard far too fancy for co-eds such as ourselves, we lounged pool side every second of every day, without a care in the world. At times, the events of the week should have been on the set of a soap opera or in the feed of a gossip blog, but miraculously, we all managed to survive unscathed, living life to the most fabulous degree. ;-)

But the Cape Side shenanigans did not stop there. With graduation festivities in between (a parent dinner dance here, one last hurrah upon Stonehill's "hill" there...), I retreated back to New York for but a few days before returning to the Cape for Memorial Day Weekend. While the habitat of choice this time around was the amazingly swanky L Family Compound (I'm not joking), the activities were similar: poolside sitting and cocktail sipping just doesn't get old once you traverse the Sagamore Bridge to Massachusetts' Vacationland. And even though the seven hour ride back home was enough to make this antsy thing stir crazy to the umpteenth degree, throwback tunes, compliments of (obviously) my iPod (a.k.a. Precious Pink), made the trip back a perfect end to the weekend. I'm telling you, a little TLC, Blues Traveler, and Seal can really liven up a trip down I-95.

Now, I should probably mention that my time in between Cape Week and Cape Weekend was far from a walk in the park. The few days were spent vacuuming. And dusting. And washing dishes. And moving furniture. And vacuuming again. And dusting again. But all for good reason. Ladies and gentleman (that's you, WBE!), I am a homeowner.


Well, not really. But kind of! It took me about two days as a collage graduate until I split from the suburbs, bound for the only place in New York that's cooler than Brooklyn. Clearly, I am talking about QUEENS! I am now bus savvy, subway savvier, and loving every minute of it! While my commute to Manhattan is not much shorter than it was in the past, I feel very official. Billy Joel actually wrote a song about how I feel these days... ;-)

I'm back in the "country home" for the night (ha), lured by a home cooked meal and laundry facilities, so stay tuned for tomorrow's post, in which you'll get to hear all about Mission Millionaire.

With love and wishes for a wonderful weekend,


PS: To my fellow big city big shot, BT, HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!