Monday, February 15, 2010

Christmas is on Friday

The one non-Christmas-ey aspect of Friday's fabulous festivity is that it marks the dreaded home stretch to college graduation. However, Stonehill's traditional "100 Days" event is something I've been looking forward to ever since I heard the term "dueling pianos." While Boston's famous bar, Jake Ivory's, has since closed, the pianists have not shed their ability to make musical magic with their fancy finger work. Besides the fact that I have a pretty ferocious outfit planned (assuming my don't-mess-with-me, Lady GaGa-esque, five-inch, oh so killer heels make it to me in time... and that I can actually walk, let alone dance, in them!), I can't wait to kick it to the keyboard without even having to leave campus. And of course, I plan to harass the entertainment with more Billy Joel requests than they've probably ever heard. When you're surrounded by Bostonians, pride for New York and its Long Island sister is more important than ever!

Speaking of the Piano Man, click here for a VERY vintage post (we're talking 2008!) about my first Billy Joel concert. Yikes. My blog's so old, it could use some Botox! And speaking of old, yesterday marked the one-month countdown to my TWENTY-SECOND BIRTHDAY. Maybe I need some wrinkle reducing, too...