Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"They got a divorce, it's a matter of course..."

I’m going to see Billy Joel in 3 hours and these final 9 minutes at Zoom are the only things stopping me from running up Madison Ave. singing about Brenda and Eddie’s friendly divorce. (You will probably hear me in Calfornia during that tune tonight.) It will be a fabulous time, of course, and will certainly fulfill my concert dream. Piano man, here I come!

On a more travel travel-related note – because, isn’t the whole point of this blog to be a travel collection, though it’s been much more heavy on the rambling as of late – my ticket to England is officially booked! Kathleen and I land in Heathrow on the morning of September 15th and plan to have three days of London tourism before our program starts, a slight but welcome change from our original plan. I’ve started buying black garments to minimize my Americanness, though my hot pink luggage will probably prevent that.

Who cares, though. I’m going to see Billy Joel.

KR out.