Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If your "girls" are itty bitty...

...or even if if you rival the Dolly herself, READ THIS BOOK! Barbara Corcoran's first novel has been my bedtime perusal for the past week. As a chick lit enthusiast -- and I'm not ashamed to say the trashier, the better! -- I have never been one for non-fiction... until now! This hilarious and informative book draws connections between Corcoran's past and present, highlighting how her business and real estate savvy -- and multi-million fortune, for that matter! -- are a complete product of her mother's childhood lessons. Give it a go. I promise you'll enjoy it.

But enough about books, though. Let's talk fashion! In positive news, the shoes than have caused Mamaduke to refer to me as nothing but "GaGa" were UPS-scanned in Warwick, RI this evening, which means they'll complete my ensemble in time for Friday night, THANK GOD. I was getting nervous. Mamaduke also suggested investing in a ladder to get into the shoes. What a pip. =)

In other news, in honor of Fashion Week, I've started reading a few new blogs to spark my spring into spring clothes. Some favorites include Kendi Everyday (think small town charm with a flair for color), This Time Tomorrow (mismatching prints and neutral tones have never looked so original), and The Vintage Valley (Australian perfection). This one is also great for those of you frugal fashionistas out there.

Below is a picture of Ally from The Vintage Valley wearing an outfit I plan on emulating very, very soon. I can't say no to a nice blazer. Happy [window] shopping!


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