Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Fever!

My dear pal/hair stylist DG and I have "big plans" to run a 5k in Massachusetts before we graduate. As several of our especially motivated housemates train for half marathons in locations as exciting as New York City and Disney World, we're starting small. And by starting small, I mean we TALK about running the elusive 5k more than we actually pound the pavement for the excruciating 3.1 miles. (I can't even begin to describe how amazed I am by marathon runners.) This afternoon, following a life-changing breakfast, we braved North Easton's judgment-free zone with high hopes of tackling the treadmill for the proposed five kilometers... but our attempt was faltered by some serious Friday night-induced exhaustion. At least we tried, right?!Anyhow, let's talk about THE OLYMPICS! Circa Beijing, I had a love affair with my television. You name the event, I watched it. With a special affinity for Mr. Phelps and his inability to lose, and -- how can I forget! -- my slight obsession with the Chinese child-gymnast controversy, I had what can only be called a complete case of Olympic Fever. While I prefer the summer games, the figure skating brings me back to a time when I used to flit across the ice with just slightly less grace than Tara Lipinski, Kristi Yamaguchi, and, of course, Tonya Harding. Happy Saturday!