Thursday, February 25, 2010

There's something about crush

Back when JT and I first became roommates, we bonded over a mutual love of the Disney-Pixar masterpiece, Finding Nemo. First off, only miracles happen when Disney and Pixar join forces, so it almost makes too much sense that an animated form of entertainment will be utter perfection when you combine those talents with an endearing story of father-son love. Add in some snappy sea turtles, fish-friending sharks, and the charm of Ellen Degeneres, and you've got a movie that can't be topped. While it's no longer on our weekly viewing repertoire, it's still a frequent DVD that's popped into the player we pilfered from DG after ours broke, from perhaps too many Nemo viewings! When you're in over your head with presentations and papers, nothing beats a quick trip back to childhood!

Toy Story (obviously), Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid also do the trick for me. Oh, life!