Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Stonehill Sanity

From left to right: the yoga-loving, athletic trainer in-training; the marathon-running, hair-highlighting Bostonian; the picture-taking, country-obsessed roommate/social worker/professional intern; the over-involved recessionista with really awesome shoes (ha.); the J.Crew-working Jersey girl with perfect hair; the brownie-baking, soldier's bride-to-be; the library-living, Long Island lady; and the blondie accountant who is celebrating tax season.

Unfortunately, the final rock of my Stonehill Sanity was at a conference in Amherst, but if KA were pictured, no description would fit better than "the well-traveled, Connecticut cutie with a love for cutting her hair, dancing to reggae, and wearing cardigans." So that's my little ode to my amazing housemates. I hope you enjoyed it. :-)