Monday, March 30, 2009

the whole shebang

Aside from my neverending love affair with the Legally Blonde of both screen and stage, I have recently been having a pretty intense attraction to the bangs of the bombshell who made Elle Woods more than just my personal icon of all things pink and polished. Reese Witherspoon's bangs are just to die for and I am contemplating adding a little shebang (ha.) to my summer 'do. I did some long bangs while in Europe, and think I might be ready for some shorter strands come May. I say that like it's a milestone move...

PRO: They could be fun and stylish. CON: They will be annoying and limp when it's humid.
PRO: Bobby pins. Nuff said. CON: There are no cons about bobby pins.
PRO: They will look fabulous when I leave the salon. CON: I don't have a personal hair stylist a la Reese.
PRO: Hair always grows. CON: That takes time, and I've been enjoying having bangs that sit behind my ears...

Any thoughts? This right here is the look that I'm (hopefully) going for.


Fiona said...

Cute! You should get the bangs.. and also that very cute dress on Reese, haha

Kelley said...


I just cut bangs recently too. If you hate them, there are always bobby pins.