Thursday, March 26, 2009

just take off the heels, honey

A few weeks ago, I dedicated pretty much an entire post to my recent obsession with a certain pair of tres fabulous pumps. However, as much as I love their perfectly platformed patent leather, you'll never see me strolling Stonehill in them before 10 PM on a Friday hits. (If I'm feeling ambitious, that is. I'm still strengthening those calf muscles and remain a slave to my go-to weekend flats.) Anyhow, recently I've spied a couple of characters wandering the grounds of our fair campus dressed in shoes completely inappropriate for afternoon attire. Now, I am not advocating "dressing down" to the point of perpetual sweat pants. In fact, I'm highly against that and applaud the fact that Stonehill is made of a pretty -- and pretty put together, for that matter -- bunch of prepsters. I'm just saying that when you strut into the cafeteria at 1 PM to wait on the panini line for some afternoon sustenance, leave the pumps, the booties, and the sling backs behind. You look ridiculous and should probably take note of the countless people who make fun of your strained sauntering.

That's my afternoon rant -- and for the record, I find heels to be fabulous and wish I knew how to walk in them. But honestly... we go to Stonehill! Bid them buh-bye until the weekend rolls around.