Friday, March 13, 2009

Lines written a few milimeters from exhaustion

...but that's not stopping me. I've got 10 hours to go until I can make a clean exit from the world of falsified identification, and thereby intend to ring my 21st birthday in with a proverbial bang, despite the cloud of sleep deprivation that's hanging over my head. After a week of "Career Exploration" that took me from the top of the NY Times Building to the basement of a group home for disabled adults (you guess which one I liked more...HA!), it's definitely time to change out of the suits and into some PINK. A rosy cocktail to match my attire wouldn't hurt either. A birthday tomorrow? Now that's convenience!

The visits this week were great and almost as divine as my spankin' new, fabulously fancy footwear. Pulling a quasi-Carrie Bradshaw, I splurged on Cole Haan's famed pumps -- a set of black patent leather ladies that were almost too cute to remove on the commute. Almost. By day three, my handy J.Crew flats made a very necessary appearance while I trekked from gorgeous Greenwich to mahhhhhhvelous Manhattan. (I was with Bostonians. Go figure.) I recommend them highly, as they're well worth the bazillion campus tours I gave to "afford" them.

Since it's been a few months, here are some of the CRUCIAL things you missed:

1. I WON A STONEHILL ELECTION. Go me! As of April 15th, I will be the Executive Secretary of Stonehill's Student Government Association. It's a position in which the perks come hand-in-hand with welcome responsibilities. Naturally, I plastered my pink posters all over campus (with the help of an amazing campaign team) and subsequently celebrated with (you guessed it) some pink champagne. The aforementioned shoes made an appearance on speech night. Maybe they're lucky.

2. I had an internship interview at a pretty high end designer's office. Cole came as well. We've become inseparable. Keep your fingers crossed. Updates will follow as long as the news is good... ;-)

3. I became addicted to hot power yoga. Follow Nike's orders and JUST DO IT.

Time to turn 21. Assuming I make it out alive, I'll be back soon with stories to spill -- and drinks to not!


Kelley said...

I just discovered your blog :)

You have such a way with words. Good luck with your possible internship. Keep me posted!