Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Queen of Queens

Before I begin, I should make it known that my amazing Grandma passed away on Saturday. After making it home despite a canceled flight, it was good to be with my family during the difficult time. My Grandma was an awesome lady, but I know that where she is now is a much better place than where she was for a long time. I've got a new angel up in heaven and 21 years of laughs, advice, and memories to cherish.

After the services this morning, I received a call from a 212 area code while at the funeral luncheon. While I know it was a little rude to cut out from the meal, I was expecting an important call, and due to a predictive gut feeling of who might be on the line, figured Grandma would have wanted me to take the call. (She always loved my work stories!) I felt like it was Grandma sending me one last gift: I scored a FABULOUS summer internship doing travel PR for a company that resides just blocks from my old intern stomping ground! I was utterly thrilled, not only for the position, but for the fact that it helped add a pleasant distraction to the difficult day. I'll have to wear black and white on my first day there. After all, Grandma's most famous advice was to never underestimate the power of black and white!

Now for the even more exciting news! Grandma lived in a beautiful brick house in Queens, and my mom suggested that I live THERE for the summer. It's all still kind of up in the air, but an exciting option that has me stoked for this summer's potential. As much as I love Long Island, the convenience of Queens leaves me with a summer of truly endless posabilities. I'm in the process of compiling a list of NYC To-Do's and To-Visit's... and I just might cross all of them off this summer!

It was a rough couple of days, but I like to stay positive. =)


Jane said...

oh i am so sorry. you and your family are in my thoughts. stay strong!