Sunday, March 22, 2009

half marathon!?

Granted, the copious papers and exams of the past three weeks prevented the growing fitness junkie in me from participating in what was a nice and steady rhythm of treadmill dates, spinning sessions, kickboxing classes, yoga evenings, and [sometimes!] healthy dining experiences. However, I am armed with a new mission -- an item for the "bucket list," if you will. If only for the new and cute running clothes I will indulge in (!), I hope and plan to run in the New York Road Runners Brooklyn Half Marathon. The course winds through "Historic Brooklyn," starting at Coney Island, and ending in Prospect Park. As a wannabe Brooklynite, I am going to seriously push myself. Running the Queens race in early August makes so much more sense, but -- come on now! -- Brooklyn's the better borough!

There's a good chance that I'll finish last (assuming I finish at all), but it's all about the experience, right? Time to read The Little Engine that Could...

EDIT: Maybe this one's a little more realistic... A summer Sunday morning 10K through Central Park? No complaints there!


Kelley said...

I ran a half marathon once thinking I was going to be the last to finish and surprisingly, I was no where near the end. People were coming in long after I was enjoying my complimentary muffin. :) If you ever need a running partner let me know! Also, I ran a 10K in central park and it was awesome.