Sunday, January 3, 2010

Laughing while Running (a.k.a. walking on an incline; i was tired)

I've decided that I'm a super bizarre character at the gym. This afternoon, I painstakingly dragged myself from the couch, my computer, and the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale to the land of the treadmill for an afternoon of calorie-burning to compensate for yesterday's Italian food binge in celebration of my grandparents' 80th birthdays. I parked myself on the machine, my iPod blaring some Jay-Z (I'm quite thug), and started perusing my current read, Ruminations on Twentysomething Life by Aaron Karo. And then I started cracking up. While speedwalking on a pretty painful incline. While the runners around me huffed and puffed, I was in full-out laughter. People definitely stared. Whatev.

The greater point of this post, though, besides my innate strangeness (I also talk in my sleep; just ask my roommate, JT, and she'll be happy to recount a few tales from the early morning hours in Stonehill's most happening townhouse dorm room. Clearly neither of us is modest.), is to highlight the fabulousness of the UPenn graduate made famous by sending e-mails. That's right. E-mails. In a nutshell, Aaron Karo began ruminating on college life in between dodging bullets in West Philadelphia during the late '90s. As a large-living frat boy, he sent tales, stories, observations, and ramblings to friends, who forwarded his thoughts to their friends, who did the same, and so on. Thus, the Ruminations newsletter was born. (Subscribe here. Your life will change.) Since the newsletter, the magna cum laude Wharton grad has published three books: Ruminations on College Life, Ruminations on Twentysomething Life, and I'm Having More Fun Than You. They're hysterical enough to make you laugh while sweating it out on the stairmaster, which for me, is now the only way to work it, work it, work it.

This clip from Karo's stint on the Craig Ferguson show cracked me up. I really want to be his best friend. Enjoy!