Tuesday, January 5, 2010


After days of claiming to have lost my mind due to immense, winter-break-induced boredom, I've realized I packed far too much into the last ten days of my Christmas vacation. Today, Mamadukes, the sis, and I trekked to Tanger, Long Island's mecca of outlet shopping, nestled between the wineries of the North Fork and the snobbery of the Hamptons. A few too many credit card swipes later, I came home with a whole new slew of wardrobing to equip me for nights on the town, afternoons on campus, and mornings on the upcoming Bahamian cruise. The Ralph Lauren and J.Crew factory stores had far less merchandise after I conquered the clearance. What a thrill!

In more recent news, my favorite Indo-rican is back from a two-week trip through Mumbai and beyond, so in honor of her arrival back to Long Island reality, we're celebrating with sushi, as is the tradition when anything out of the ordinary happens to our fabulous group of friends. Tomorrow, I'm going on a Brooklyn photo tour (self-led, but don't I sound so friggin' fancy?) before happy hour-ing with some of my favorite Stonehill alums, which will be a perfect pre-cursor to Thursday night's festivities, when my current housemates and I re-unite city-style for dinner and who-knows-what. Somehow, all of that will happen before the fam, my brand new ski gear, and I jet to Vermont this weekend for a few slope-side days at a lovely little cottage in Stratton.

Come to think of it, though, I kind of enjoy this jam-packed-ness! Once I'm back from my stint as Pikaboo Street, it will be a mere four days before my final RAGE of a college semester begins... And I really can't wait much longer!