Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back with a Bang

After my week-ish long hiatus from the world of blogging, I am BACK with a bang... literally. Today's hot topic is teen pregnancy in the media. (See, I wasn't kidding about the bang.) Here goes: once a beach-front town colored with fond memories of summers when I was still a bikini babe (Granted, I was about 10...), Gloucester, Massachusetts was met with a media storm in 2008 when almost 20 of its wild child female students revealed their far-too-delicate-for-a-sixteen-year-old conditions. But, as you might know, the story is far spicier: the mommies-to-be had actually made a pact to pull a collective Juno -- perhaps in between studying for trigonometry and drinking Slurpees -- so they could raise their babies. Together.

Since this occurrence just screams moneymaker, Lifetime naturally swept up the storyline for its next big movie. Now who doesn't love that "television for women?!" Tune in on Saturday night at 9 PM to relish in the ridiculousness, or at least rock that DVR and replay the rerun!

(Clearly, my quest for some better television viewing habits is off to an unsuccessful start. However, I did watch Senator Scott Brown shut it down tonight on THE NEWS.)

Keep it cool,



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