Friday, January 8, 2010

Fail of the Day

Pardon my pessimism (I'm really an eternally optimistic, cup-half-full gal most of the time), but there was a major fail in my vida loca this afternoon. The gym was awesome, filled with more laughs on the treadmill, as was my post-run lunch with old school pal, KS. However, upon returning home, a very necessary piece of mail that I expected to receive yesterday was still as MIA as the gal who revolutionized the meaning of "swaggar like us" while dancing pregnant alongside the jail-bound T.I. during the 2008 VMAs. You see, I ordered a whole new set of (obviously pink) ski clothes for the upcoming season, but the shipping system hit a snafu and my goodies won't be in until after I hit the slopes. Needless to say, UPS has gone straight to the top of my naughty list.

If that's not a fail, I don't know what is. Granted I'll improvise, but I was looking forward to the new duds for my weekend as a Vermont ski bunny. :-(