Sunday, December 19, 2010

Campfire Chic

Alright. It’s been just a tad freezing for the past few weeks in New York. So freezing, in fact, that I must have lost few brain cells, making me silly enough to still wear leggings with flats and a chiffon top to work in the dead of winter—but at least my shoes were cute and my pants stretchy enough for pizza Friday! Anyhow, in attempt to fight the Alaskan-esque dip in temperature we’ve got going on, I’m in the market for a new coat. And as much as I never, ever, ever want to take off the leathery perfection that is my sample sale-bought Tory Burch leather motorcycle jacket (rawr...I'm so edgy!), I need something a little more practical for when the snow starts to fall, turning my new Brooklyn block into an incredibly photogenic site (right KG?!). But the thing is, those awesomely warm, three-quarter length puffers that look so snuggly and warm and wonderful also make their wearers look like marshmallows. I actually love marshmallows, both in the form of Fluff and as the compliment to Hersheys chocolate and graham crackers during the camping trips I’ve never actually gone on (come on, can you imagine ME camping?), but I digress! Do I really want to look like a marshmallow?!

Honestly? If it will keep me warm, I just might suck it up. I could call it “Campfire Chic.” Any suggestions? Please keep the puffery to a minimum--I want the real deal here! (Ha, that was too easy.)


Kelley said...

I love mine from Eddie Bauer. I may look like a marshmallow, but its warm! They have women cut ones that arn't as bad and actually mildly flattering.