Friday, December 17, 2010

Brooklyn, We Go Hard.

After two incredibly conspicuous hints over the past two days (first, that my news involves a brownstone, and second, that it comes with far less space than my current abode in the Queens Palace), I'm ready to reveal my big and fabulous announcement: I, KR, Queen of Queens, am bouncing boroughs to my dream neighborhood. While I'll always look back fondly at my times in Middle Village (for few locations house such happy memories of spending time with my amazing Grandma who called the Palace home before me!), it's time to graduate to a new home in Brooklyn Heights. Aside from the fact that I’ll no longer have to take the Q11 just to get to the subway, freezing my tush off at the bus stop each morning and night (albeit stylishly in my furry pink earmuffs!), I’m no longer living alone!! AD, my new roommate extraordinaire, and I bonded instantly over our mutual love of Foley + Corinna bags, sweet potatoes, GLEE and Strongbow... could I have gotten any luckier?!

Well, yes, actually. Because you see, my friends, family and phantom readers alike (hi, JW), this view is my backyard. Who's in for a housewarming?! Naturally, this will play on repeat.