Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buying Into the Bargain

I have never really been “one” for the superstores known as Forever 21 and H&M. While my closet does indeed boast a few infamous “going out” tops from both locations, I’m a quality-over-quantity kind of gal who would rather score the racks of TJ MAXX for hours and hours and hours to find an awesome silk blouse that will take me through the seasons than to fill my drawers with ten tops that I know will probably rip before I can even debut the garment.

But after reading my dear NB’s odes to both the recent F21 Times Square flagship and Lanvin’s upcoming H&M line, I had to revisit the retailers whose attire colored my 11PM-2AM wardrobe throughout my years at Stonehill, when everyone was too “college” to care if a shirt had a slight tear.

And let me tell you a-something: I was SOLD! Leaving H&M with SEVERAL dresses (a little sparkly low-back number here, a girly little lace piece there), I’m well on my way to having a newly stocked wardrobe that’s ready to take on the fashionistas at ELLE...or at least the fashionistas of my old high school on the night before Thanksgiving! (No matter where you work, low-back is never approps. Never.) F21, all four underground floors of it, proved to have some awesome options as well—naturally, I flocked to anything animal print.

Now if only I could find a cheaper version of this… That, my friends, would be total and complete wardrobe perfection.