Sunday, November 14, 2010


This weekend, I learned that there is no better way to jaunt between the Big Apple and Beantown than by Bolt Bussing. Friendly passengers and a driver who looked like she won the lottery when I thanked her by name (Karla with a K, for those of you wondering) made for an enjoyable trip up and down on the WiFi-equipped coach. God bless le iPad.

In a fit of spontaneity, fueled in part by my sister's encouragement and my own wishes to relive college a bit before beginning my job at ELLE
tomorrow, I traveled back to the days when my weekends were a blur of beverages, brunch and bargain shopping. After a low-key Friday spent rooting the Skyhawks on at the basketball team's home opener, the sis and I hightailed to Wrentham for outlet shopping, where an outrageously purple printed Marc Jacobs dress from Off 5th topped my list of fabulous finds. We then resumed the rooting for another victorious basketball game before putting our primp on in honor of Mr. Stonehill 2010.

As you
might remember, I was one of the illustrious hosts for Mr. Stonehill 2009, so I just had to see the boys shine on stage once more! While it pained me to not be up there on stage, bending and snapping for a crowd a la last year, the gentlemen shut it down, making me feel like a proud mama watching from the audience. Props to MG for a job well done! His crown was well deserved--and he was looking quite studly indeed, I must say!

But as with all shows, the after party is what matters most! Without skipping a beat, I was back to my old tricks, dancing the night away to the tunes of Willow Smith and Ke$ha. Hair whipping, cycloning, popping, locking and dropping... I have mad moves.

Stay tuned for some tales from an ELLE insider as I begin my first week at my new job...

Until next time,