Tuesday, November 11, 2008

London Weekend

Note: This blog is from LAST weekend. A lengthy Ireland blog will follow shortly! =)

As I’m sure all you girls remember, before her current stint as a lady lover, Lindsay Lohan had a career. That once-upon-a-time red-headed Long Island gal and I actually go way back (circa The Parent Trap), as one night at Adverntureland in Suffolk we went on a few rides together. No joke. Anyhow, that short-lived career of hers had its Glory Days during Mean Girls. In that classic movie, remember the Halloween party in which LL (a.k.a. Cady) dressed as a corpse bride while every other girl wore lingerie and animal ears and called it a costume? Well, Cady would have definitely fit in with the Brits this Halloween, as their “thing” is to dress as hideously as possible. Thankfully, my Halloween was spent with 300 other Americans upon a boat on the River Thames, so scary costumes were only clad on those who work for Butler, the study abroad program. Oran, the adorable Irish guy, was a dead-on Edward Scidssorhands, and was completely unrecognizable. I repeated last year’s costume and brought Orlando to London as Minnie Mouse. Like my sweet dance moves? The river cruise was amazing. Though it rained, we were thankfully covered and able to dance the night away to current American hits, and older varieties that feature the word “America,” or any of its forms. The night obviously ended with a circle of swaying to “American Pie,” which was a nice break from the serious grooving with which I involved myself for the evening!

The rest of the program-paid-for weekend in London consisted of more touristy activities. On Saturday morning, I awoke at 9 AM! A night of pubbing and clubbing did not stop me from making it to Buckingham Palace by 10:45 to see the Change of the Guard, which is rated one of England’s most awesome, yet overrated ceremonies. November 1st marks London’s formal recognition of winter, so the red coats and black furry caps were replaced with grey jackets. Oh well. There ceremony was still cool, and very royal. I also toured the Cabinet War Rooms of the Imperial War Museum. The latent history buff within me briefly came alive!

But enough about London -- I want to tell you about Ireland! Just wait a few… I have tons of laundry. Cheers!