Thursday, November 20, 2008

i still got it

This week, I wrote a seven-page paper on acid rain's detrimental effects on Earth, an eight-page paper on Dickens' use of pathos and comedy in David Copperfield and Oliver Twist, and a six-page paper on my summer internship. After all of that, I applied for a Spring externship, tweaked my resume, and re-wrote my cover letter. The work never stopped! This blog is mainly for Dad, and to prove that I'm actually still a student. I kind of forgot in between getting murdered by a horse and kissing the Blarney Stone.

My time as a European traveler with no ties re-commences tomorrow at 3 AM as I board the shuttle to my Edinburgh-bound train! (Edin-burra, Edin-burra, Edin-burra! I keep reminding myself.) A Saturday spent exploring Loch Ness and the highlands is sandwiched between two afternoons in Edinburgh. I'm highly excited for all aspects of the trip, especially Rose Street!

So I recently realized that I have 12 days left in England. That is kind of nuts. Didn't I just fly into Heathrow and struggle with my two ruby red suitcases while fighting intense jet-lag? After a week in Italy and three days each in Scotland, Spain, and Brussels, my time on this fair isle is seriously limited. Yikes! However, the fact that lights will be strung and stockings hung upon my arrival makes me feel like my entire time home will feel like Christmas morning!

Now I just need to write three more papers in my remaining 12 days. I think I can handle it, but here's hoping! Cheers!