Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little boxes on the hillside...

Nothing makes me happier than bright colors.. I’ve realized that I can still bust out my brights while in England. I walk, talk, act, and eat like an American. I can’t hide that, even while wearing black tights and grey dresses. (To be honest, I find the European double-utensil eating style kind of gross and bad mannered. Just my opinion…)

Yikes. Moving on… Today was a great one in Kent, England. The weather was definitely crisp, but the sky was blue and the grass was dry. Apparently, Canterbury is in a little weather bubble due to its placement near the surf, so it misses out on the London fog, rain, and dreariness. It is simply wonderful, and made today’s excursion into Whitstable, an adorable and COLORFUL seaside fishing village, perfectly picturesque. Kathleen, Jenna, and I strolled along the surf, proving that you certainly can visit the beach during fall in England. It was nice to smell low tide again while watching the waves crash on the rocks. We passed fishing boats unloading their catches for the afternoon and wished we could pocket some to take back and cook ourselves. (You’d think fish would be cheaper here, island and all. Not so much.) We then made our way to a waterfront, hilly area, filled to the brim with tiny cottages in a rainbow of shades, and seriously went to town with our cameras. Kathleen and I attempted to make an “SC” for Stonehill College on the porch of the vacant purple cottage with our bodies. Then we fell. Good times and go Skyhawks! It was a truly adorable little place to spend the afternoon. The people were the friendliest English folk we’ve met thus far, which helped make some delicious icing on an already rich cake.

Tomorrow will consist of preparations for my first legitimate excursion! I am so excited, but must apologize that the next blog will have to grace this page next week, when I can blabber on about the happenings in Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, and wherever else I wander! Keep on keeping it real in the States. Cheers!