Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It had to happen eventually

I regret to inform you all that I’ve had my first experience with theft while abroad. I’ve been warned that the Brits do not want to hurt you; they just want your possessions. Apparently, the dreaded thief was in desperate need of my generic brand cranberry juice and semi-splurge bottle of sauvignon blanc. (S)he also made it out of Ellenden #10’s kitchen with a half-full (See, I’m still keeping it positive, just like Elle Woods!) bottle of Tabasco sauce, three onions, 10 tomatoes, and loads of cheddar cheese, among other things. The residents of our fair house believe a careless resident forgot to lock the door, which then allowed the soulless and uninvited visitor to raid our kitchen while we were upstairs asleep or counting sheep. Apparently, I was one of the lucky ones, as the only things I had in the fridge at the time were some peppers, kale (It was cheaper that lettuce.), carrots, and yogurt. The criminal must not have a mom who is into balanced meals. It’s a good thing (s)he didn’t take my Nutella. If so, there would be serious hell to pay. I now store my groceries in my room for safe keeping.

Granted, it could have been worse. My passport, wallet, computer, and most importantly, my Burberry jacket, are all safe and sound, as they are locked in my room at all times, but the principle of the whole debacle seriously irks me. Get your own groceries!

Thank-you for allowing me to vent.

In true Kaitlyn Rose fashion, I didn’t let the thievery ruin my day. We all went out that night to blow off some steam on the dance floor at “The Works,” the nightclub in town. We busted out our best moves, of course, and made it a late night. While on the bathroom line, a sauced blonde Brit asked where my accent was from, to which I replied “New York!’ Her first question: “Have you seen LEGALLY BLONDE on Broadway?!” Need I say more?

After last night, we’re keeping it low key in Canterbury tonight and treating ourselves to a Tex-Mex dinner at Origins, a cheap yet delish restaurant on campus. Tomorrow night is 80s night at “The Venue.” Get ready for some outrageous pictures… Cheers!