Friday, September 5, 2008

it's London. i NEEDED one.

Well, it was a lovely day in Roosevelt Field today. Escaping the Indian summer to the central air was well worth the infinite amount of credit card swipes that abounded in a mere two-hour span. First off: boots. The only boots that have touched my feet in the past year are Uggs and the skiing variety. From Chestnut to Cranberry, Uggs are my winter staple, but not in England. It was time for something new, so, breaking out of the box, I splurged on some black leather ladies. They’re quite fabulous and almost edgy. Yiiikes! No worries. I’ll never become a biker chick.

Moving on.

Next up: tote. Vineyard Vines and Vera Bradley just won’t cut it in England, but I think my new graphite Longchamp will. While staying in tune with my style, the bag is a color will help transition me from here to there while working with an array of colors in my new Euro fab wardrobe that’s heavy on the neutrals and light on the pinks. It’s all about the neutrals when you can only take two suitcases for 3 months.


Number three: make-up. Mom was kind enough to provide me with some Sephora cards, making my Clinique collection grow considerably. Some new bronzer, blush, and shadow will enhance my make-up bag, and (hopefully) me! =)


Alright. I swear it was on sale. We’re talking major splurge here. Totally worth it. Been eyeing it forever. It was time. I, Kaitlyn E. Rose, am now the proud and privileged owner of a Burberry quilted jacket. It’s black and fabulous and heaven and makes me happier than any other garment I own. I figured after working the entire summer, I deserved it. And hey, it didn’t even cost an entire paycheck.

Needless to say, I am feeling fabulous. Maybe I should try packing all of this now…?