Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I hope my eggs didn't break...

Americans will never be as attractive as Europeans. Simple as that. Last night was the international students dinner and Kent did it up nice for the several thousand students who hail from lands beyond England, Scotland, and Wales. (I wonder how those horses are holding up…) Our table consisted of four Americans, four Germans, and one Dutch. Everyone got along nicely and talked about their respective cultures, expressions, foods, and what not, making it for a very enjoyable dining experience. Everyone was instructed to wear their “National Dress.” I took that to mean some of my best and brightly colored Polo Ralph Lauren. Others busted out berets, full-on Indian garb, caftans, ponchos, etc. etc. This event was the first time we had free wine provided, making it the first night that I returned to my room feeling not broke, which is a feeling I have not had in a while. (And that is not to say I am blowing all my money on my first bits of legal booze. I promise.)

Moving on.

Today we took a guided tour of the Canterbury Cathedral, which is a truly magnificent church. A little old Englishman was our guide, and therefore the best part of the tour. After that, we bought out Tesco, Canterbury’s discount supermarket. Take the word discount lightly, however… I busted out the bargain hunter within and found some items that would be considered cheap even in America… but only a few. Taking all of our grocery bags back on a double-decker bus was probably the most eventful part of the day. I allow you all to laugh as you imagine this.