Friday, April 1, 2011

This is Not an April Fools.

With the advent of April, I hope that I can beat the "blogger's block" that plagued me for the month of March. So let's start with a confession on this April Fool's Day: I, KR, lover of all things pop culture, am yet to listen to child star (and probably soon-to-be has-been) Rebecca Black's "Friday." This is not a prank: I have truly never witnessed the YouTube sensation that Lady GaGa considers a genius, but Miley a lazy, lazy girl. Perhaps I'm missing out? Either way, I just thought I'd put it out there. (TGIF, regardless!)

You see, I've been far busier listening to the musical stylings of an era during which Rebecca Black's parents probably weren't present. That's right: for the month of March, I was "dancing to the music" of Rod Stewart and acting like I was "on the edge of 17" a la Stevie Nicks. Last Saturday, aside my gay-in-command CM (happy birthday, boo!), I joined the throng of music lovers just a tad older than Mr. Fabulous and me for the "Heart & Soul" tour's Madison Square Garden performance. And it. Was. Amazing! We rocked out like we grew up with Rod and cheered as if we saw Stevie through her dark past. Many thanks to my hip cousin MR for the ticket. I wore black leather and lace like the edgy fashionista that I am. Rawrrr!

But enough about YouTube celebs and pink-suit wearing pop stars. If we're going to talk about music, let's discuss Katy Perry's E.T. music video, which dropped yesterday. In all honesty, I probably hopped off the blogging bandwagon for a bit because I was too busy listening to this megahit on repeat for the past month. Do you LOVE it?!?!

On tap for me this weekend: some BYOB sushi tonight (amen to Fridays in Lent!) and some 10k training tomorrow (I'm really doing it this time!). Enjoy it, everyone--and to close out this music-themed post, please refer to Elton John's sassy song for a summary of what's to come! I'm baaaack!