Sunday, December 14, 2008

still alive!

HI!!!!! OK. I am a horrible individual for not posting in about three-ish weeks, but I've got a good excuse. See, I forgot that this thing called HOMEWORK exists. Somewhere between Vatican City and Mount Tibidabo, I realized that all this traveling disabled me from doing what I don't do best: HOMEWORK. Alas, I'm in the process of writing all the papers and taking all the online tests I didn't have time to do while I was climbing the Duomo in Florence, basking in the sun on the shores of Barceloneta Beach, and perusing the stalls of Germany's famed Christmas markets, with spiced gluhwein, of course. Once I convince my professor that London epitomizes evil (as expressed in four of Dickens's novels, obviously not in my mind!) and by the time I fully analyze the e-commerce operation of eBay, I promise that Italy, Barcelona, Brussels, and Germany blogs will follow. Get psyched and break out those reading glasses!

Also, I come home in four days, but who the heck is counting? I SURE AM!!!!!!!!!