Saturday, January 9, 2010


As a Long Island girl, I come from the land where attitudes towards our neighboring New Jersey are predisposed to be less than stellar. However, I've realized that New Jersey is probably the best state in the union, for the sole reason that it has provided me with countless entertainment over the past year in specific. From Bravo's "Housewives of New Jersey" to one of my favorite blogs, the creative concoctions of the Garden State have brought me a pretty unparalleled form of joy. It seemed as though nothing better could come from my new favorite state.

Au contraire.
Enter "The Situation."

I probably should have made "watch extremely less trashy reality TV" one of my New Year's resolutions, but after years of abandoning "exercise more" and "eat less" self-promises by January 2nd, I figured there was really no point to re-vamping my television viewing habits. Anyhow, after several weeks of hearing friends express nothing but shock after learning that I was yet to experience MTV's overnight ode to the Guido, I had to give in to Snooki's pouf and brave the boardwalk of the Jersey Shore.

Clearly, I was sold as soon as "The Situation" stepped on screen to brag about his bod. And it's only episode 3. Yikes. Maybe I should consider altering my TV love affairs... or at least add "The News" to the repertoire!


Suzanne said...

Don't forget...JWoww is from Long Island...and that chick will cut you...

Anonymous said...
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